Humble Monthly Product Design


Humble Monthly is our newest product, having been launched in November 2015 to the public after roughly 5 months of design work. It's a subscription based product, where users pay $12 a month to get a set of digital games every month. The initial design phase was designed by another product designer at Humble, while future iterations of the product were done by me.


I was one of two product designers, with all of the later visual design and user experience done by me. All production design and art was also prepped by me.

Marketing Page

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The first iteration of the marketing page for Humble Monthly was unique and departed from our usual Humble style since we really wanted to seperate it as a new premium product. However, after a few months into the product going live, we realized the initial marketing page had major issues, in that it didn't highlight some of the best features of Humble Monthly. For example, we feature an exclusive game created for Monthly subscribers every month, and we're able to talk to our charity partners to create videos detailing how subscribers help achieve great things with their donations. Our business began expanding to accommodate for more features, such as multi-month plans and getting high MSRP games for early unlocks.

While I had select involvement in the first iteration of Humble Monthly's marketing page design, I became sole ux and visual designer for the next iteration of the marketing page. I decided to focus on reducing excessive white space that the last design had, and use a more mobile-friendly format that could easily translate to smaller devices.