Sony Network Entertainment UX Internship


I did a three month internship at Sony Network Entertainment International in the San Francisco Office in 2013. My primary role was to assist UX designers on the team to help wireframe all possible interactions in the Sony Playstation 4 store, new PS4 user onboarding, as well as the mobile store. I also helped wireframe a new mobile application for Video Unlimited.


UX designer and interaction designer among a team of 4 other designers and one other intern. I primarily worked closely with one other designer for most projects.

Playstation 4

I worked on interaction design and user flows for two major components of the Playstation 4 user experience: the new user onboarding process and the Playstation 4 store. Other team members set up the wireframes with major components of the user interface, and I documented and created different states of these product screens. These wireframes would be sent to the visual design team to be mocked up to the final design.

Mobile Sony Network Store

With the help of another UX designer, I worked on documenting and wireframing game pages for the Sony Network Entertainment Store. I also documented all of the interactions and user flows for the game pages.