Symphony is a product of LaborVoices, a startup dedicated to making supply chains transparent for corporate brands. The Symphony product is dedicated to visualizing data from specific suppliers to ensure that the work conditions are up to humane standards, sourced from the workers directly. This was a freelance project done over the span of roughly 5 work days.


I worked on a few visual design mockups based on loose sketches presented by my client. I also helped give advice on user experience issues with their sketches and concepts.


My client presented rough sketches of Symphony's product features that they wanted to pitch to investors. They had a few working screens of their product already engineered, but needed a few more mockups of integral features, such as a dashboard view with worker feedback and data point annotation interface.

While some of the visual design language was already set, I was given considerable creative freedom to work design the interface however I saw fit. I focused on using colors to highlight relevant points and used it as a way to connect meaning to the data.

Marketing Page

One of their other requests was for me to design them a marketing page. I focused on using bold colors to highlight strong call to action sections, and focused on using color highlights in sections that were used to be more informative. I also designed the icons used on the page.